Quick Answer: What Is The UK’S Biggest Export?

Can Britain Feed Itself?

The UK has a highly successful agricultural industry, but many domestic and international factors affect food production and prices for consumers in the UK.

The UK is not self-sufficient in food production; it imports 48% of the total food consumed and the proportion is rising..

Is Britain a rich country?

With a gross domestic product (GDP) of $2.83 trillion in 2019 and a population of more than 66 million, the United Kingdom has the sixth-largest economy after the U.S., China, Japan, Germany, and India. … The sectors that contribute most to the U.K.’s GDP are services, manufacturing, construction, and tourism.

What does UK import the most?

At the more granular four-digit HTS code level, Britain’s top import products are cars, crude oil, gold, refined petroleum oils and turbo-jets followed by mobile phones then automotive parts or accessories. The following searchable table displays 100 of the UK’s most in-demand imported goods during 2019.

What does the UK sell to other countries?

The UK exports to 160 nations. Data is for 2019, in millions of USD (United States dollars), as reported by International Trade Centre….The following is a list of the exports of the United Kingdom.#ProductValue (in millions of USD)1Cars38,5732Gas turbines26,3853Crude petroleum23,6734Gold23,31646 more rows

What products are made in England?

Top 10 Products Made In The UKChicken Tikka Masala: Despite popular belief this product wasn’t made in India, the traditional home of spice and curries… … Aston Martin: … Hotpoint tumble dryer: … Marmite: … Cavendish Pianos: … Guillotine: … Cadbury’s Dairy Milk: … Henry the Vacuum Cleaner:More items…•Aug 28, 2018

What are the main exports of the UK?

Value of trade in goods exports in the United Kingdom in 2020, by commodity (in million GBP)Value of exports in million GBPUnspecified goods12,409Beverages & tobacco6,707Crude materials6,628Animal & vegetable oils & fats5206 more rows•Mar 15, 2021

What are the UK’s biggest imports and exports?

Top 10Gems, precious metals: US$108.4 billion (17.2% of total imports)Machinery including computers: $70.2 billion (11.1%)Vehicles: $58 billion (9.2%)Electrical machinery, equipment: $55.8 billion (8.8%)Mineral fuels including oil: $34 billion (5.4%)Pharmaceuticals: $25.9 billion (4.1%)More items…•6 days ago

What does the UK produce and export?

According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC), in 2016 the UK’s top export item was cars, which accounted for 12% of the overall $374 billion export value that year. … Other popular UK products were gas turbines (3.5%), packaged medicaments (5.2%), gold (4.0%), crude petroleum (3.4%), and hard liquor (2.1%).

What is UK famous for producing?

England is a highly industrialised country. It is an important producer of textiles and chemical products. Although automobiles, locomotives, and aircraft are among England’s other important industrial products, a significant proportion of the country’s income comes from the City of London.

What food does the UK import the most?

The leading foreign supplier of food consumed in the UK were countries from the EU (26%). Africa, Asia, North and South America each provided a 4% share of the food consumed in the UK. The three largest value imported commodity groups (at 2019 prices) were fruit & vegetables, meat and beverages (see 3.4).

What is Britain’s biggest industry?

The service sector dominates, contributing around 80% of GDP; the financial services industry is particularly important, and London is the second-largest financial centre in the world….Economy of the United Kingdom.StatisticsGDP by sectoragriculture: 0.6% industry: 19.2% services: 80.2% (2016 est.)42 more rows